Height: 30 CM Width: 27 CM Thickness: 9 CM It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or who you are, Art Of Color V.3 bag Art Of Color V.3 from emansoliman will look great on you.This bag is an ideal gift for the mother, the girl, the beloved, the sister.



If you want a medallion to use it everywhere at any time, change keeper from Eman Soliman is the perfect medallion for you; it has many different colors navy blue, brown mixed with dark yellow. - Simple and easy to carry - Always can have your change - You can put all your basic things in it Youtube:



Height: 9 CM Width: 11 CM Thickness: 1 CM Anniversary Gift for Him! The wallet has a very great material and color.This identity protection wallet will surely make a great gift for your loved ones or even a treat for yourself!

About Us

Eman Soliman Leather’s is a small company specialized in manufacturing each of its leather products handmade to ensure the quality of its products received by the customer, and to last with him for long periods. All of our products, including bags, wallets, and accessories, are designed and implemented in our own workshop, and the products are tested before being presented to the client. The material used is 100% cowhide, purchased from the Egyptian tanneries. We pump small quantities of products, due to their complete dependence on the workshop, and their products are not manufactured inside a factory. Every piece involves the human element in its manufacture, and the machine is only in very small things to ensure the quality of the product. A team based on the design and manufacturing of Egyptian women to encourage women and provide them with job opportunities. The company always works on two main aspects in production, namely the aesthetic form, and at the same time the product is practical and the customer benefits from all aspects, whether aesthetic or in terms of use. Of course, the main thing is the beauty of the natural leather material, as it is a material that is durable and lasts for a long time The products are designed to be loyal companions on all the adventures life brings you